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Hello hello!

I'm still getting things sorted out here, all my LJ content has been migrated, as have icons and moods (yay!)

That is all for now. LJ friends, give me a shoutout in the comments if you're over here already :)
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i've been spending way too much money on beauty things this past month; the words "drunken sailor" come to mind. Mostly I've been throwing money at Frederic Malle - It all started with a bottle of Portrait of a Lady, and the splurge purchase of Malle's Portrait of a Lady body butter has only complicated things in an enabling kind of way.

So, about a month ago, I fell in love with Portrait of a Lady when I stumbled onto it at the beauty counter at Barney's. I smelled it and knew it had to be mine. Love at first sniff. Described thusly on the Malle website:

A baroque, sumptuous and symphonic perfume that required hundreds of trials to balance such an expressive formula, Portrait of a Lady is undoubtedly the perfume containing the strongest ever dosage of rose essence and patchouli heart. Dominique Ropion composed an oriental rose, based on an accord of accord of benzoin, cinnamon, sandalwood, and, above all patchouli, musk and frankincense. A perfume evocative of sensuous beauty, that attracts people like a magnet. A modern classic.

First of all, it's unusual for me to find a rose-centric blend that I like. But! I'm a huge fan of frankincense, and I've learned that a patchouli note can smell like much more than just "stinky hippie." I wouldn't have chosen this based on the text description, but like all great art, words fail to communicate the experience. I didn't know what I was smelling, I just needed more of it in my life.

As I am wont to do when I fall in love with something, I obsessively research and try to find out as much as I can about said object of affection, which, in this case, included both the scent and the perfume house as a whole. This kind of focus tends to be all consuming for me, it's a function of an obsessive curiosity.  Anyway, in the course of my research, I found there was scented body butter available. Suddenly, the most important thing in the world becomes my ability to slather myself from head to toe and become one with this fragrance. It's not the cheapest thing in the world, but when I told K how much I spent on the perfume, he was like, "you could have spent twice as much!" so now it kind of seems like I'm tossing in the body butter for free, in a slightly demented rationalization kind of way. I also added a small travel sample of "Dans tes Bras" because why not, then clicked the "checkout" button.

A week later, my body butter arrives and it's insanely good. Like, magical good. Like, it smells amazing, like eye roll back into my head amazing,  and my parched skin drinks in the moisture like nobody's business, transforming from lizardlike, California drought skin to radiant and silky smooth, beautifully fragrant skin. Wow. Yes. I am transformed. I glide through the house, throwing mad sillage as I walk up to K and say, "My stuff came! Here, touch my arm, it's so soft." He obliges, eyes grow wide, and says, "wow!" I say, "Yeah, right?! Amazing." He marvels and gets a dreamy look in his eyes. He then says, "so, how much was it?" I say, "guess.." 400 dollars! he guesses; I say no. 500! I say no, with a smile. He looks a little worried and shouts, "700!" "No!" Yes, this is good, I like his guessing, because now 200$ feels cheap! I tell him it was $215, and he looks at me and says, "your skin can feel that good for 200$? Do they have more? You need to get another one!"  So, really, what's a gal to do but buy some travel sizes in order to identify which body butter to get next? It's like a moral imperative at this point. There are four primary contenders: Musc Ravageur (might be too much cinnamon); Dries Van Noten (vanilla/sandalwood sound perfect!); Iris Poudre (highly unlikely but could be a dark horse); and Carnal Flower, which [livejournal.com profile] mafdet has first dibs on since she got a bottle of that the same time I got PoAL, but I couldn't pass up the notes in Carnal Flower as a potentially outstanding body butter option (Tuberose! Coconut! Orange blossom! Yeah, I could slather that!)

I also got some Slumberhouse samples at last; they are a perfume house out of Portland. I have a bottle of Zahd from them, but haven't experienced anything else from their line. Another line where full bottles aren't cheap; very glad I found a place online that had samples available (Twisted Lily, who do great customer service, btw).

I've also been revitalizing my makeup. I've decided to become a red lipstick person for the next decade or so; if it's good enough for French women, it's good enough for me. It's simple, yet looks really elegant when done right.  It's been a little bit of trial and error to find the "perfect" go-to daily red, but I think I finally found it - Bobbi Brown's Luxe Lip Color in Parisian Red. It's got a little bit of shine and not a trace of a blue undertone.
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Officially kicked off my musical holiday season today. Am playing my "Winterpalooza" 421-song playlist of holiday tunage.
Jun. 4th, 2013 05:53 pm

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I bought Skype Premium recently, since I'm using Skype so much for work and really like the group video chat functionality. I finally took a look to see what other Premium features were available. They had 50% discount on Skype numbers, which are local telephone numbers for your Skype account.

So... I went ahead and bought myself a Skype number for the next 12 months, which is not really noteworthy excepting the fact the local number I selected is in London, UK.

Moment of madness?
Waste of money?
Impetuous whimsy?
Impromptu Experiment?
A hint to the universe?

I have no idea.
But, you know, really - why not?
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Hello lovelies!

I've recommitted myself to writing more long-form stuff in 2013; and so voila, here I be.


Here's a picture of a clown who got to meet me when I was small:

me and some clown
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it's strange to be married. not strange in a disturbing or negative way, but more in a 'hmm, interesting' way. when we were at the show on saturday, my friend told me that i looked married. what does that mean? do some people look married? do some people look single?

apparently, it meant that i looked happy and relaxed (according to another friend who heard the comment), but i'm not so sure.

maybe i'm still stuck in the 'dowdy marriage' visual, but i always thought that looking married meant that i got sloppy and wore sweatpants all the time (but maybe that's the 'mother of a toddler' look and i got confused...)

anyway, i think it's interesting because i've actually felt more girly than i have felt in the majority of my life. i was very much a tomboy for most of my life, had definite clotheshorse periods, but since i've been in california, i've very much been the low key wear whatever kind of girl.

now, with my hair short, i'm wearing makeup and doing my hair a lot more than i ever did previously. it feels good. I'm happy that I grew out my hair, but unhappy at how much i hid behind it, and even more so, a little sad that I didn't take better care of the rest of me. 1996-1999 were not my finest years in terms of looking good. there were very definite reasons for that, and i think i was justified in for thinking the way i thought then; but now it's more like - perfume! hair junk! makeup!

I want to be pretty and smell good now that i don't have to prove anything to anyone anymore.

I think somewhere in my head, I decided that if someone would marry me looking all sloppy, then they wouldn't be marrying me for my looks (which is a long standing issue for me - looks vs. brains - different topic i'll discuss later), and would be marrying me for all those other non-shinygirl qualities - and that's the kind of person i was looking for.

...there are still so many small hurts to be healed...i don't think i'm even aware of them most of the time...
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1. Hey, baby, what's your sign? Do you think it fits you pretty well?

I'm a Leo. Oh yes, it fits.

2. What's the worst birthday gift you've ever received?

Three shirts from the thrift store from a boyfriend who had just bought himself a full length leather trench coat.

3. What's the best birthday gift you've ever received?

Hmm. I'll pass on this one. I've gotten some great stuff over the years.

4. What's the best way you've celebrated your birthday thus far?

Some of the better ones: went to the horse races on my 21st birthday with mom and dad. 16th birthday, had a great slumber party :) 30th birthday was spent up in Napa; wine tasting with mom and dad who came out to visit.

5. What are your plans for this weekend?

LA, baby!
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just got back from the bad girl's lunch; which basically consisted of me walking to the mall on my lunch hour, buying hair gunk, having soup and salad at california pizza kitchen, then a quick stop at tower records on my way back to work. I stopped at tower to get a gift for a friend's birthday; but they were out of stock. What made this a 'bad girl's lunch' are the following: 1) I spent too much money on 5 cds for me (and K) - but no present for the friend - BAD GIRL! and 2) My lunch went longer than the allotted time that I have for lunch - BAD GIRL! I hope no one caught me. But it was a good time >:)
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ahhh....relaxing after a very productive and nice weekend. got some wedding stuff done, and got some things to organize the place a little better. looks nice and i'm a happy camper.
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i'm mildly cranky, actually, and i'm still not quite awake this morning. So, I suppose, a little mellow girl isn't really cutting it - i'll see if i can find a more appropriate icongirlything.
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6 September '99 - September and October are my favorite months. I was completely one of those little 'back to school' people. I loved the brand new fall clothes, the pencils, the paper. I still love to wander places like Office Depot to look at all the cool back to school supplies. Pencil box? Check. Elmer's glue? Check. Little pink erasers? Check. Pencils? Check. The BIG box of Crayolas? Check. The big coup was to find the snazziest little folders to keep all your papers in. If you got there too late, all they would have is scratch and sniff Strawberry Shortcake folders. Whereas, a little "Han Solo" folder would be the ultimate score. Horrible little things, the leftover folders. Oh! And book covers. What a nightmare those things were. I always had a problem sizing them properly. Speaking of nightmares, any other green plastic handle-coated scissor users out there? Being a lefty sucked sometimes. Try using one of those erasable pens with your left hand. Fun stuff. Not only does your ink smear all over the paper, making your writing completely illegible, but you've now got a lovely blue streak all over the side of your hand. It's good stuff. Anyway, I loved this time of year - particularly when the weather started to get chilly at night (more like in October). Fall is definitely my favorite season, though. It's one of the things I miss the most since I've moved out West.
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22 April '98 - So, I'm sitting here, talking old music and listening to "How Soon Is Now?" by The Smiths. That song was one of the defining songs of my teenage years...it was like nothing I had ever heard before. I remember just being so blown away by it. Other songs that were definitive for me from that era (this is a top 10 of sorts, I guess). No particular order.
"Age of Consent" - New Order
"Love Will Tear Us Apart" - Joy Division
"Tainted Love" - Soft Cell
"Somebody" - Depeche Mode
"Joan of Arc" - OMD
"Lindy's Party" - The Bolshoi
"It's No Reason" - The Church
"The Seventh Stranger" - Duran Duran
"Love is (what I say)" - INXS
"La Ment" - The Cure
...I could just keep going, but that's enough for now. Part 2 - the college years forthcoming.
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22 March '98 - I watched like 6 movies this weekend. They include: "Dead Man", "Dream with the Fishes", "Contact", "Fear", "In the Company of Men", and bits of some other movies whilst channel surfing. In a nutshell:
Dead Man - my first Jim Jarmusch film (who graduated from the same high school as I did). I really enjoyed it. However, I was making lasagna while watching, so I probably should rent it again and really pay more attention to it (doomed to multitask as a result of my job). But it's a really good movie.
Dream with the fishes - This was a really great little movie. It was up at Sundance last year I guess...worth renting if you are into good little movies (low-budget, no special effects).
Contact - Good movie. Now I have a little crush on Matthew McConaughey, cos he played such an upstanding guy in the movie.
Fear - Long story why I like this movie, let's just leave it at "it's not the guns, it's the voice" (of course this is an inside joke/statement, and you probably don't get it, so don't sweat it)
In the Company of Men - Geez. I could write a small novel about that one. I dated a Chad. I know other guys I didn't date that were like Chad. Women, for some godforsaken reason, end up dating more Chads than Howards. Now, don't ask me why, cos I don't get it either. Guys, do you really talk like that amongst yourselves? Also, on a more critical note, I thought the movie should have ended with "I'll see you on Monday" (this gives nothing away)..if you've seen it, let me know what you think.
And that's a wrap on the weekend.
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18 Jan '98 - My goal for January has been to go to the movies every weekend. Since I'm not seeing anyone, I go by myself, which was kind of weird the first time, but now it's great. I get both armrests, and I don't have to share my popcorn or soda. Plus, you can get much more into the film without distractions. I've seen "As Good As It Gets", "Good Will Hunting", and "Titanic". All three are good, but story-wise, I think Good Will Hunting was the easily the best of the lot. Next weekend: It's a toss-up, it's either going to be Kundun or The Boxer. Suggestions? email me.
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27December97 - The whole concept of a relationship is so bizarre -- I mean, why is it the most important things in our life, at least, the things that are supposed to be the most important, become some kind of surreal "Where's Waldo" game? Marriage and God (or spirit or whatever name you ascribe to the concept) - the answers are easy, all you have to do is find the one wearing the striped shirt. Maybe if they would have had Where's Waldo books when I was little, I'd be happily married right now (I would have had enough practice). Oh well. I just figure that I must be waiting for something really worthwhile. Which is the whole point, anyway. :)
Dec. 21st, 1997 12:00 am


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21December97 - One of my friends went away for the holidays, and gave me her car to use this week. I don't have a car right now; when I first moved out to California, I lived in a little cabin on top of a mountain and didn't need a car. Since then, I keep thinking I'm not going to actually *live* in California, so I don't need to get a car (even though I've been here for over 2 yrs now - how delusional is that?). At any rate, I'm now officially spoiled on the joys of motordom again, and have to start saving pennies. I absolutely love to drive, and there are so many great drives around here. I'm one of those thinking drivers, the ones that have to go for a drive when they have a lot to think about. No wonder I've been so confused the past two and a half years..I haven't been able to drive. So, I'll just be driving around for the next week.


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