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So, last night's Puu Puu Shue show at 21 Grand was as nutty as expected. The night began with a noise/soundscape set from Travis Johns, followed by the "electronic loungecore supergroup" themselves. Let's just say it was a bit, er, "crunchy" -- if you take into consideration that the last time the band played together (including rehearsals) was last August, there were no monitors nor a soundboard and the whole set was improvised, well...then it wasn't that bad ;) It was entertaining. and loud. Here's how the evening was plugged by the venue, courtesy of their newsletter:

Puu Puu Shoe is an electronic loungecore supergroup that is perhaps a piss-take by a quintent of terribly talented folks but highly enjoyable nonetheless. Members include: BubbaT (aka Thomas DiMuzio) as Audio Master, EFX, Selection Rearrange, Maestro; BabaLarriji (aka Larry Thrasher of Psychic TV and Thee Majesty) on bass, guitar and guitar synth (although i think he ended up only playing bass) , Dirty Bunny (aka Saifir) on MPC2000, TR-707, 616, Beat Box; Vic Ferrari (aka Chandra "Vic" Shukla) Swinger, Git, Vibrato Tickler; and Koko Rodriguez (aka ibu600): Keys, Melody Master (and laptop and tricked out speak-and-spell, and this little thing). One could call this a reunion show for the band, as various members take turns quitting and re-enlisting.

Speaking of quitting and re-enlisting, on Thursday, Wobbly decided to rejoin, so he wasn't named in the blurb. He took over synth duties, I think.

And the whole thing was recorded, so afterwards, we all went over to Larry's and laughed ourselves silly whilst re-listening to the set. Our friend Karla and I were part of the august few who actually got to listen to it twice. Lucky us. ;D We had a great time, though - thanks to Karla for navigating us through the streets of Oakland and environs :)


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