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since i was grousing about this in an earlier entry, i thought it would be nice to give an update: Rumsfeld Says He May Drop New Office of Influence

Essentially: "Proposals from the new agency, the Office of Strategic Influence, have caused an uproar in Congress and elsewhere in the government. (Rumsfeld) said today that the disclosures about the office's potential activities may have doomed its credibility."

Well, duh.

But of course, now the question becomes...is the decision to drop the office the first step in maintaining the office, i.e., the first bit of misinformation?

I read too many espionage novels sometimes...
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oh yeah, and i forgot to mention that the current head of the Federal Communications Commission is one Michael E. Powell. That's Powell as in "yes, as a matter of fact my father *is* Colin Powell, thanks for asking."
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I was reading an article about how the courts have decided that the limits that were placed on broadcasting companies re: owning stations in certain regions were arbitrary and have decided to loosen the rules.. this is a link to the story - click here, cos I probably did a sucky job of explaining it...

I'm going to make a prediction, and am proposing a word that I have a feeling we'll be seeing more and more of: conglomeracy

the definition? Conglomeracy - rule by large corporations...as opposed to Democracy, rule by the people.

Why should you care? Well, think about it this way - would you like to have all your news coming from one or two sources, who are making money off the news they are presenting to you?

Scenario: Tonight's news of the world, brought to you by: Enron, A Division of AT&T Broadband.

Although this scenario isn't the uber-realistic, I hope it made the point that there's just something inherently disturbing about the whole thing, at least to me.
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So, apparently, the Dept of Defense has created a new office, who may or may not intentionally give foreign journalists false information in the name of eradicating evil from the planet, or whatever holy crusade this whole terrorism thing has turned into. here's the link.

Although I tried to ignore the hysterics (or so i thought) who were warning about the possibility that certain segments of our goverment may attemp to co-op our liberties under the guise of protecting us from the bad guys, there may be a kernel of truth (or more) in their concerns.

It would be really interesting to see a list of legislative action that has occured in recent months, that was passed as an alleged action to stop terrorism. And god only knows how much other crap is going on that we don't even know about. I'm sure a lot of it is good and useful. But to me, wrapping oneself in the flag in an effort to promote one's own political agenda or the political agenda of one's cronies is pretty evil in and of itself.

Then again, at least I live in a place where (as far as I know), it's still ok to be questioning of your goverment and not worry about getting picked up by the secret police.
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11 September '98 - Well, I don't know about you, but I really don't want to know all the gory details about our President's sex life. I didn't hire Starr, and I'm insulted that some person has been appointed (whom I don't recall voting for) to basically try to unseat the President. It's disgusting. If you want to know what's really behind all this insanity, (and I like to think I'm a fairly reasonable person), start reading about this guy: Richard Scaife. This an article from the Columbia Journalism Review from 1981, and it's a good starting point to begin to understand why this country is falling apart. I could write a whole heck of a lot more on this topic, but I was taught to not discuss politics or religion if you want to keep your friends. Just a couple more quick thoughts. 1) Knowledge really is power. 2) Throughout time, there have been people who have been very effective in people engineering; that is, manipulating popular opinion to suit their own megalomania. I think it's a good time to start reading, friends....


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