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so...i took this quiz...:

You are Lestat. The Brat Prince of Vampires. You're great and you know it.

Find your inner vampire.

as long as I'm not the lame "Tom Cruise *is* "THE VAMPIRE LESTAT"" Lestat and am actually the much more entertaining, charming and sexy literary TVL.

I just joined the [livejournal.com profile] anne_rice posse, but so far it looked like a bunch of people bitching about the new queen of the damned movie. I used to be a really big anne rice fan from quite a ways back - I had a bf who was really into Sting, and wanted to read what had inspired 'moon over bourbon street' - i got him TVL in hardback (it had just come out) and read it after he was done and was completely sucked into the whole thing.

Subsequently, I've got almost the entire set of her books in hardback first editions, and even have one signed. I have to say, however, that my interest is waning - I haven't even bought the newest one yet. It's almost as if Anne Rice has become the Danielle Steel of the supernatural fiction genre.

oh well. have to go to work, pple will be coming by for a meeting in a few mins...
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31 Dec '99 - This is so weird. A new century and all. I have to let it all sink in, then I suppose I'll write about it. Anway, here are my top pics of the year.
*****Heather's Top Stuff of 1999*****

Top Reads of 1999 - I finished 22 books this year. I started about 7 others that I need to finish. At least one of these wasn't written this year, but that's ok. Here's the list:
1. Conversations with God, Book 1 - Neil Walsch
2. Eiger Dreams - Jon Krakauer
3. The Sandman: The Kindly Ones - Neil Gaiman
4. The Portable Rollins - Henry Rollins
5. Codependent No More - Melodie Beattie

Top Flicks of 1999 - Visually, The Matrix rocked my world. Intellectually, I loved the Fight Club. GalaxyQuest make me laugh, Blair Witch was crazy, and Summer of Sam was the coolest Spike Lee joint I've seen in a loooong time.
1. The Matrix
2. Fight Club
3. Summer of Sam
4. Blair Witch Project
5. Galaxy Quest
Top Albums of 1999 - This was *hard*. I awoke from a musical fog of the last several years, started working for a music web site, where I've heard more new music than I can shake a stick at. Anyway, here's what I liked the best:

1. Red Engine Nine - Color of the Day
2. Chevelle - Point #1
3. Tal Bachman - Tal Bachman
4. Alanis Morissette - Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie
5. Johnathan Elias - The Prayer Cycle
Song of the Year: 14-41 - Jonah's Onelinedrawing
Honorable Mentions (released pre-1999, but I first discovered this year):
Far - Water and Solutions
Spinning Jennies - Starstruck
Nick Drake
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27 Jan '99 - This page was getting too long, so now it's 2 pages. I'll start this page with the tops of '98.
*****Heather's Top Stuff of 1998*****

Top Reads of 1998 - This is tough. I have a book journal to keep track of the things I read, and I read 23 books this year. Here are some of my favorite reads of the year (random order):
1. Into Thin Air - Jon Krakauer
2. The Walk West: A Walk Across America II - Peter and Barbara Jenkins
3. Archangel - Sharon Shinn
4. Drinking: A Love Story - Caroline Knapp
5. His Bright Light: The Story of Nick Traina - Danielle Steel

Top Flicks of 1998 - American History X takes the top spot, even though the movie was weak in parts, Ed Norton blew me away, and this movie stayed with me a lot longer than Saving Private Ryan.
1. American History X
2. Ever After
3. Truman Show
4. Saving Private Ryan
5. Mi Vida Loca (saw it for the first time)

Top Albums of 1998 - The first CD of Sketches proved definitively that the world lost a phenomenal artist.

1. Jeff Buckley - Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk/Grace
2. Ken Stringfellow - This Sounds Like Goodbye
3. Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty
4. Soundtrack - City of Angels
5. Hole - Celebrity Skin
Song of the Year: Morning Theft - Jeff Buckley
Honorable Mentions (released pre-1998, but I first heard this year):
Jeff Buckley - Grace
Soundtrack - The Last Time I Committed Suicide
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10 April '98 - So, I finish reading "The Sun Also Rises" the other day. Opinion? I think what I got out of this little adventure is that I'm not too impressed with Mr. Papa. I didn't really have sympathy for any of the characters, mostly I thought they were just a group of idiots. I think if I had read it when I wasn't so angry at the apathy I see all around me, then I would have enjoyed it more. Basically, all it said to me was that there have been slackers all throughout history. I didn't get to know any of the characters, and the only character that had any conviction was ridiculed by these losers. I guess it was good in the sense that it illicted a strong reaction from me. But, I just wanted to be done with it near the end.


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