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I’m going to talk about love. I know for some, this will be a completely ridiculous post. I warn you that it's idealistic, thick with accolade and short on criticism. Of course, love isn’t always sunshine and unicorns; the expression of love can be completely messed up and dysfunctional, but when it can be expressed purely, it is a profoundly transformative force. Love has changed the course of world events (see Edward VIII). If you believe that the bond of love is the strongest bond there is, imagine the energy created when one does what one loves. Then imagine when it is stoked and magnified by others coming together in sharing that pursuit. Now imagine it as a company. Maybe call it Apple Computers. Or maybe call it Pixar. Or maybe drop the "Computers" and just call it Apple.

Richard Branson, business titan and Steve Jobs admirer, wrote:

I’ve never been interested in being ‘in business’. I’ve been interested in creating things … Business is creative. It’s like painting. You start with a blank canvas. You can paint anything – anything – right there, is your first problem. For every good painting you might turn out, there are a zillion bad paintings just aching to drip off your brush. Scared? You should be. You start. You pick a color. The next color you pick has to work with the first color … People who succeed in business have swallowed their fear and have set out to create something special, something to make a difference to people’s lives …

Steve Jobs was a creative soul who used business as his creative medium and love as his fuel to make a difference to people's lives. He encouraged us to do what we love. And what did Steve Jobs want to do? Steve Jobs wanted to make great things that would "make a dent in the universe."

People love Apple products because they can be seen as a reflection of the power of people in pursuit of creating the best tools; tools that allow others to better do what *they* love. All of this effort and creative force of will processed through the prismatic mind of one Steve Jobs.

Maybe he was a jerk sometimes, but a lifelong, singleminded pursuit of ongoing creative vision can do that to people. It happens often. Historically, the pursuit of marching to one's own drummer can often require sharp elbows in wider society. They’re imperfect souls, these creative visionaries. They don't worry about giving society what we want, they give us what we need. The lucky ones live long enough to see society's acceptance. Steve Jobs was one of the lucky ones. He not only saw society’s acceptance, he saw its standing ovation, then ultimately a full on arena roar. Steve Jobs was a rock star.

First, Apple created tools for the creators. Then, the world got to see what these tools could create. And then, Apple gave tools to the rest of us, we who no longer needed to understand the technology in order to use a technological tool. We turned an Apple product and it just worked.   Made with love, given with love, created with the highest aspiration that this tool will allow you to do what you love, be that creating digital art on a macbook pro or making movies at Pixar or creating music on an iPad or putting your entire music collection in your pocket or allowing you to hold a loved one’s face in your hands as you see and talk with them on your iPhone.  Tools created by thousands, used by millions and given to us by one Steve Jobs.

The quotes of the wise reverberate through history, and so many of those reverberations carry the message of the importance of love and the importance of  doing what one loves. Steve Jobs took that advice to heart and excelled in the expression of that message in ways few others do. In doing what he loved, Steve Jobs used Apple to create infinite opportunities for us to do the same. 

Shine on, Steve Jobs.

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So, I've decided that the McCain voter is one of four things:

1. Ignorant
2. Fearful
3. Racist
or 4. Rich 4. Greedily/Selfishly Rich

So I would challenge the McCain voter to ask of themselves which one they are and why before Tuesday, because none of these four traits are virtues.

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ETA: Comments by [livejournal.com profile] semibold and [livejournal.com profile] raaven spurred me to qualify that last one.

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ok, i have to be fast cos i'm really busy here at work, but...hey, since this shadow government has been created just in case something horrible happens to D.C. (link to story), maybe we should start a push to have Al Gore run that one as some kind of consolation prize.

Sorry Al, you can't be president, but you can run our shadow government. Only thing is, you'll have to live underground like a little mole for those 4 years...

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since i was grousing about this in an earlier entry, i thought it would be nice to give an update: Rumsfeld Says He May Drop New Office of Influence

Essentially: "Proposals from the new agency, the Office of Strategic Influence, have caused an uproar in Congress and elsewhere in the government. (Rumsfeld) said today that the disclosures about the office's potential activities may have doomed its credibility."

Well, duh.

But of course, now the question becomes...is the decision to drop the office the first step in maintaining the office, i.e., the first bit of misinformation?

I read too many espionage novels sometimes...
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oh yeah, and i forgot to mention that the current head of the Federal Communications Commission is one Michael E. Powell. That's Powell as in "yes, as a matter of fact my father *is* Colin Powell, thanks for asking."
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I was reading an article about how the courts have decided that the limits that were placed on broadcasting companies re: owning stations in certain regions were arbitrary and have decided to loosen the rules.. this is a link to the story - click here, cos I probably did a sucky job of explaining it...

I'm going to make a prediction, and am proposing a word that I have a feeling we'll be seeing more and more of: conglomeracy

the definition? Conglomeracy - rule by large corporations...as opposed to Democracy, rule by the people.

Why should you care? Well, think about it this way - would you like to have all your news coming from one or two sources, who are making money off the news they are presenting to you?

Scenario: Tonight's news of the world, brought to you by: Enron, A Division of AT&T Broadband.

Although this scenario isn't the uber-realistic, I hope it made the point that there's just something inherently disturbing about the whole thing, at least to me.
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So, apparently, the Dept of Defense has created a new office, who may or may not intentionally give foreign journalists false information in the name of eradicating evil from the planet, or whatever holy crusade this whole terrorism thing has turned into. here's the link.

Although I tried to ignore the hysterics (or so i thought) who were warning about the possibility that certain segments of our goverment may attemp to co-op our liberties under the guise of protecting us from the bad guys, there may be a kernel of truth (or more) in their concerns.

It would be really interesting to see a list of legislative action that has occured in recent months, that was passed as an alleged action to stop terrorism. And god only knows how much other crap is going on that we don't even know about. I'm sure a lot of it is good and useful. But to me, wrapping oneself in the flag in an effort to promote one's own political agenda or the political agenda of one's cronies is pretty evil in and of itself.

Then again, at least I live in a place where (as far as I know), it's still ok to be questioning of your goverment and not worry about getting picked up by the secret police.
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the taliban shows its true colors by threatening UN workers who are trying to provide food to Afghans. UN states that at least 1 million Afghans are in emminent danger of starvation if they don't get workers back into the country.

They are so intent on maintaining control that they are willing to starve "their own" people - but whether or not the Afghans are truly the taliban's people is up for serious debate.

The taliban rules via fear, intimidation, and propaganda. They keep people ignorant, starving and afraid. The freedoms we have in this country are obviously unacceptable to totalitarian governments.

What do you think that the people of Afghanistan would do if they had access to the simple freedoms granted to us, such as freedom of the press, let alone freedom of speech?

The taliban would not be in power - simple as that. Look at what happened in the Soviet Union when Gorbachev allowed a bit of 'westernization'. Communism fell. People learned they had options.

When people are aware that they have options, they are more likely to make changes. Keeping people ignorant and afraid is the way of cowards, of people who know that others would never stand for the laws imposed on them, if only they knew a different way.

The wisdom and foresight of the founders of our great nation is truly remarkable.

I for one, am so grateful for the freedoms allowed to me as an American.

Thank you, framers of the constitution and the declaration of independence.
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sitting here watching robin williams on 'inside the actors studio'. thought i would hop online for a bit.

not a big deal today; we looked around at info on hawaii for our honeymoon, we were planning to go to NYC, but now in the light of the terrorist activity, we've decided to change our plans (Sorry, Mayor Guliani (sp?)) -- from what I've heard, it can take up to 90 days for evidence of any chemical or biological contamination, and as much as I would love to go there, I don't feel as though it's worth the risk right now.

i don't envy the people in Manhattan, who don't have the option to leave, as their homes are there -

I've been amazed, really, by how much my thought process has changed as a result of all this stuff, and by the need to wrap my brain around concepts that I never thought it would have to.

I mean, what kind of idiot, evil personified, could have come up with simultaneous attacks? That's the sucky part of this, it's one thing to have to think about the WTC attacks, which completely boggle the mind (i'm sure i wasn't the only one who had to watch that horrific site over and over, just to try to get it to sink into my head that it was something that really happened, and not some bit of tinseltown magic), but wait - there was more - the pentagon, anyone? And God only knows where the plane that slammed into the ground in PA was headed, but i think it's safe to assume it landed where it wasn't intended to land.

I haven't written much, if anything, about the events of September 11, 2001. I'm mad about it, but not mad at anyone in particular. I was really angry today, but I was angry at the fact that no one has had the chutzpuh to step up and take responsibility. Cowards. I mean, if you want to slaughter thousands of innocent people, that's your own business, but dammit, don't be a chickenshit about it. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. How bullshit is that, anyway? That's the most maddening thing about it.

I'm ambivalent about this talk of war. I read something earlier today that said maybe 'war' isn't even the right word for it, maybe we need a new word. I don't know if that's true, or just a reflection of a naive American, who can't believe that something this horrific has a name already. But it *is* different. The sheer numbers, the lack of a clear 'enemy', the fact that the vast, vast majority of victims were average people like you and me. Is it war? Or do we really need a new word? Holocaust? Is it the same thing? Dare we drag out that word again?

What a mess.

It's all questions, too, that I have. No answers. That's very difficult, to try to fathom the fact that we may never completely understand why.


There are a million whys.

God, then you start thinking about things like body parts, and horrible, horrible things that those people on the site have had to and are still dealing with, things that human beings should never have to see, let alone fathom the idea that another person(people) did it *on purpose*. It boggles the mind.

The words.

God, the words. Half the time I was speechless, and the other half I suddenly realized that I understood some words on a completely different level.

For example, Pandemonium. I've never really seen an incident where pandemonium was the perfect description before, but the image of those people running, sheer terror on their faces, as they try to escape the giant cloud of dust and debris - if that's not what pandemonium is, then I don't know what is.

Hero - another example. A hero isn't the wind beneath my wings, nor is it that smarmy hero that enrique iglesias sang about on friday night. it's the men and women who ran into an unreal scene of devastation - and stayed while the very ground disintegrated below their feet, untold stories above ground. Heroes are those people on that plane in PA, who knew they were going to die, but by god, they weren't going to let that plane crash into another populated area on *their* watch. And so they chose to die on their own terms, since the option to live was taken away from them by some bullies with a diabolical plan. So many heroes, and so many heroic deeds - so very many people spending the last moments of their lives thinking of others, giving up all they have to look after the strangers and people around them. It's unbelievable, and the sad thing is this: for all the heroes we have heard about, there are probably so many more hundreds of acts of heroism, stories that won't be told because dead people don't talk.

And the ones who are left alive. Who knows what life is like for them. How many thousands of people can't sleep at night, or is it millions of people? How many nightmares of planes and buildings and bombs and people jumping out of buildings and angry men with dark skin and menacing eyes?

I mean, every time I think about it, there's a whole new thing to be bothered by, to be thought about, another item to add to the list of things that just don't make sense. I head that at least $10 million dollars worth of art was destroyed. Works by Miro, works by Calder, gone forever. Compared to the human loss, it might not mean much, but what if someone had bombed the Louvre to smithereens or the Tate Gallery, or the Smithsonian? We've lost artwork to war before, so it's nothing new, but each of those pieces of work was just as unique as the individuals in the building - lost now and forever - things and beings of beauty destroyed in a moment or 2.

It's unbelieveable.

I'm sure I have more to say, and more to think about, I know we've sat here for hours just talking with people, and each person and each conversation brings yet another revelation of an aspect of the disasters that hadn't previously been thought of. Some seem petty, like the fact that people have to change their wedding plans and honeymoon plans (like people who planned to have their wedding at the windows on the world), and some are massive, like the fact that there were thousands upon thousands of children affected by this, children who now have one less parent, or even worse, no parent(s). There was a really sad article in the NY Times about that today.

I don't know, there's so much more to say, and so much more to write, but you know, I'm tired of thinking about it. It hurts my head and my heard and my being. and in a very selfish way, i'm glad i live far enough away that I don't have the constant reminders, like the smells and the sights. I can run to my little Robin Williams inside the actors studio and briefly live in the world of 'before' - where we were just a bunch of americans with our little lives and our little concerns and our buildings and soil untainted by the blood of our own innocents.
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11 September '98 - Well, I don't know about you, but I really don't want to know all the gory details about our President's sex life. I didn't hire Starr, and I'm insulted that some person has been appointed (whom I don't recall voting for) to basically try to unseat the President. It's disgusting. If you want to know what's really behind all this insanity, (and I like to think I'm a fairly reasonable person), start reading about this guy: Richard Scaife. This an article from the Columbia Journalism Review from 1981, and it's a good starting point to begin to understand why this country is falling apart. I could write a whole heck of a lot more on this topic, but I was taught to not discuss politics or religion if you want to keep your friends. Just a couple more quick thoughts. 1) Knowledge really is power. 2) Throughout time, there have been people who have been very effective in people engineering; that is, manipulating popular opinion to suit their own megalomania. I think it's a good time to start reading, friends....
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17 March '98 - So, supposedly, I'm supposed to get pinched today for not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day. I've never heard of that before, so I'm a little skeptical of people running around and pinching me. That's first of all. Second of all, I'm not Irish, nor am I Catholic (the St. bit), so I should wear green why..? It just seems a little self-serving to me. Now, y'all can call me a curmudgeon, but it's more a matter of principle...what are we celebrating anyway? If you're Irish, have at it, and have a great time, otherwise, I'll just watch, thanks so much..and if you pinch me for not wearing green, I'll kick you in the shins. :)
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6January 98 - In the past week, Sonny Bono died in a freak skiing accident, as did Michael Kennedy. As a result, I've started to see polls on the net asking if we should require skiiers to wear helmets when skiing. When I worked at Sugarbowl, we had a person die from hitting a tree while snowboarding. People have accidents on the slopes, and sometimes people die. I've been skiing since I was 7 years old, so it's not like I'm some neophyte. We don't need legislation because some people want to play football while skiing. I'm sorry they died, and it's a shame, but it doesn't mean we have to rush out and make people add a helmet to their ski gear. Trails are marked based on skill level, and people need to practice a little common sense. Let's stop serving alcohol slopeside during the day at the ski resorts before we start worrying about helmets.


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