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We went to LA this weekend, and ran into Alanis Morissette on the way down. She and her band were on our flight from SFO to LAX, and our flight was delayed; she was just hanging around the gate waiting like everyone else. K encouraged me to go say hi; so i went over and thanked her for her last record. we talked very briefly, i didn't want to impose any more than I already had, but she was extremely gracious and pleasant. It was really cool. I was grateful to have the opportunity to thank her in person, in a non-meet/greet or industry setting. And mad props to the best husband in the world, who encourages me to do things that I used to only imagine doing in my head, then regret not doing them later....off to bed.
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god, i'm *so* sick of all the sore losers and the political games going on in the olympics. IMHO, it all started to go downhill when the line between "amateur" and "professional" was intentionally blurred. Dammit, I want more economics students from switzerland winning gold in ski jumping; I want more people like sarah hughes, gracious people who are genuinely thrilled to even *be* at the olympics, let alone win a medal. This whole winning at any cost, or the sense of entitlement that some people have is completely disgusting - it makes me so mad. Where is the thrill of victory if you act like you already deserve to have won before you even compete; like it's owed to you? jerks..and how about that stupid woman bobsledder? serves her right that she lost; screwing people over left and right...

I think that people really need to remember that being a champion is about a lot more than just winning at any cost.



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