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31 May '98 - Ok. Wondering where the hell I've been? Well, just like the X files, the truth is out there. Now, I'll condense it so it's in here, in a pretty little paragraph or two. Anyway, talk about whirlwind...here's the scoop.

Scott - He's the CEO of the company that bought out 2 divisions of the company I had been working for. On Thursday afternoon, I found out that Friday would be the last day I would work at the company I had been working at for over 2 years. Monday, myself and 23 other fine UniCitizens would report to Campbell, CA (about 20 miles away) for work at our "new" company. But it's really the same stuff I was doing before, I'm still in charge of my 2 favorite sites (I can say that now), but I don't have any support staff (yet). I'll get to build a team to work with me to make sites. So, it's going to be really cool. I'm looking forward to it. The only bit that can be viewed as a negative (other than not seeing all my work friends on a daily basis, which is pretty sucko) is that the 20 miles is a commute "over the hill" via the dreaded Highway 17. It's renowned around here as a bearish commute. (I'll be adding a link shortly so y'all can see this drive - check out my links page)..and, as you faithful readers know, I don't have a car, so it makes for an interesting situation. They have a shuttle for the next few months, so that's cool.

Dave- went to see Dave Matthews Band at Shoreline 2 Sundays ago. Great show; I'll be looking for the tape, e-mail me if you are doing a tree. This would have been its own musing any other time, but, given the volume of news, Dave and company just get a brief mention. Rest assured, it was a fabulous show. Go see them if you can.

Bucky - this is the guy that sold me my new car! Well, new to me. That's right, I got a car. It's a '95 Toyota Corolla. I just got it yesterday; and have been just running errands for the past 36 hours. Why? Because I can! No more bus for me. Yay! This is the first time I've had a car in 3 years. With the severance package they gave us when we left the old company (see above), I was able to finally put down a downpayment, so now I'm heathercarwoman.

And that, in a very large nutshell, is what's been going on in my life for the past 14 days. Nothing much... ;D


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