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Hello lovelies!

I've recommitted myself to writing more long-form stuff in 2013; and so voila, here I be.


Here's a picture of a clown who got to meet me when I was small:

me and some clown
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October 4th, 1984. Cleveland, Ohio. The Fixx.

This was my first show. Technically, calling it "my first show" is a bit of a misnomer, as I'm not including the shows my parents took me to (of which I remember seeing Kenny Rogers, and also Lionel Richie w/ Tina Turner opening),  but the first show that I got to go to on "my own" was The Fixx on their 1984 "Phantoms" tour  stop in Cleveland, a distant 45-minute car ride from our Akron suburb. "My own" actually meant that my best friend Melanie and I had conspired to successfully persuade our parents to drive us up to the show - her parents drove us up and mine drove us back, if I remember correctly. I don't remember if we had to bring him or if he was invited, but Mel's little brother was also coming with us to the show. But still, we get to go to the show all by ourselves!  We were both fifteen, and this was the coolest thing in the world - we are going to a show!

BY OURSELVES (and little brother, but whatever)!
my ticket stub from the show

I remember we got to the show, say goodbye to the parents and the three of us unload ourselves from the minivan and wade cautiously into the throng of people huddling in front of the doors of the grand Music Hall.

I've got my ticket in hand, Mel has hers, and her brother..her brother. Wait, where's your ticket?  

What do you mean, you lost your ticket?

Somewhere from the handing out of tickets in the backseat and walking ten steps into the throng, little brother lost his ticket. Oh crap. Now what? No cell phones in 1984. I can already hear my mom: "I said you aren't old enough to go" after she hears about this - not sure what his losing his ticket had to do with my age, but still, she'll say something, I'm sure of it. This is bad. What are we going to do? Mel and I are not happy. Mel is furious, in fact. Still, we can't leave him out front in the cold and go to the show by ourselves. But if we pool our money, we can buy him another ticket. But if we buy another ticket, he'll be sitting somewhere totally different than us, which defies the "You three stay together" rule laid down by the parents. Speaking of, what are they going to say when they find out he lost his ticket? We dread facing them. Hi kids, how was the show? You look cold. Were you standing outside long?

What do you mean, you lost your ticket?

 Oh yes, this will end our concert-going days, fer sure, like totally!

I can't remember if we cooked up this solution ourselves or if some veteran show goer or a worker person helped us out, but  we figured out we could go ahead and buy him another ticket, then he could sit with us in his originally assigned seat and all would be well. We were still totally upset at his uncoolness and the fact that the replacement ticket cost one of us a Fixx t-shirt. But at least we had a plan, and no one needed to freeze outside or miss the show. And thank god, the show wasn't sold out. We headed over to the ticket window and bought little brother a replacement ticket.

We then make our way to our seats, little brother and his balcony ticket in tow, then settle in and check out the surroundings. Cute guy alert! Two boys - sitting right near us. They are talking to us! We lie and tell them we are 16. I remember they asked us if we liked The Smiths. Of course, yes, we love The Smiths! (And made a mental note to find out about this Smiths band, because these older boys who were talking to us were super cute and cool and were at a Fixx show, and The Smiths were from the UK, so what else did we need to know?) It was all a bit thrilling, this going to a show business, and the show hadn't even started yet. And then the show started.

I can't remember who opened for The Fixx that night, but I do remember that I was thoroughly impressed by The Fixx and I loved the show. And I loved the cute boys who flirted with us at the show. And I knew I needed to go to another show.

I don't remember if we ever told our parents about little brother's missing ticket.

Here's a video from a different night on the same 1984 tour.

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6 September '99 - September and October are my favorite months. I was completely one of those little 'back to school' people. I loved the brand new fall clothes, the pencils, the paper. I still love to wander places like Office Depot to look at all the cool back to school supplies. Pencil box? Check. Elmer's glue? Check. Little pink erasers? Check. Pencils? Check. The BIG box of Crayolas? Check. The big coup was to find the snazziest little folders to keep all your papers in. If you got there too late, all they would have is scratch and sniff Strawberry Shortcake folders. Whereas, a little "Han Solo" folder would be the ultimate score. Horrible little things, the leftover folders. Oh! And book covers. What a nightmare those things were. I always had a problem sizing them properly. Speaking of nightmares, any other green plastic handle-coated scissor users out there? Being a lefty sucked sometimes. Try using one of those erasable pens with your left hand. Fun stuff. Not only does your ink smear all over the paper, making your writing completely illegible, but you've now got a lovely blue streak all over the side of your hand. It's good stuff. Anyway, I loved this time of year - particularly when the weather started to get chilly at night (more like in October). Fall is definitely my favorite season, though. It's one of the things I miss the most since I've moved out West.
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15 September '98 - Well. Here we are again. The weather is starting to change, it's getting a little darker in the mornings. It's beginning to get cloudy. Almost time to pull out a jacket in the mornings. But not quite. All I know is that Fall is my favorite season by a long shot; and I'm still out here in California, where none of the seasons are really seasons with a capital "S". This is the time of year that makes me miss NE Ohio. I miss the cruchy leaves, the little ritual of pulling sweaters out of storage (it's always like Christmas, I forget what sweaters I have). Sweaters are the best article of clothing, bar none. I adore sweaters. I don't care for wool, it's too itchy, but a heavy cotton sweater is better than candy. My favorites include a big bulky yellow sweater I wore for my high school graduation photo (and I still own it, and wear it often), and a wonderful brown tweed cotton sweater I got at the Limited years and years ago that mysteriously vanished when I moved out to California. I still mourn that loss. It had little specks of colors woven in, so you could wear it with anything. I love browns and earthy colors, one more reason to love the turn for the cold that happens around this time of year. This is the only time of year that makes me nostalgic. Stupid little things: high school football games, trick or treating, hanging out at Brady's in Kent, walking around the Ohio State's campus. Walking around Kent's campus, listening to Brother Jed saving the Freshman heathens. I remember being so happy to see Brother Jed at OSU, it was like seeing an old friend. Of course, it was the same show, and we still debated each other, but it was cool. What a trip that guy was.
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31 August '98 - So, I've been listening to 80s and early 90s tunes all morning. I was having a good time, til I thought of all the people I've had in my life that I've lost touch with. Then I got a little bummed out. All my Kent friends, the vast majority of which are long gone from Kent (as far as I know), people from Columbus. Makes me feel bad I didn't keep in touch better. So, if you are reading this and we used to be friends, I hope you've gotten in touch with me. At least we have the 'net to try to hunt down our old pals. Where did everyone go?
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22 April '98 - So, I'm sitting here, talking old music and listening to "How Soon Is Now?" by The Smiths. That song was one of the defining songs of my teenage years...it was like nothing I had ever heard before. I remember just being so blown away by it. Other songs that were definitive for me from that era (this is a top 10 of sorts, I guess). No particular order.
"Age of Consent" - New Order
"Love Will Tear Us Apart" - Joy Division
"Tainted Love" - Soft Cell
"Somebody" - Depeche Mode
"Joan of Arc" - OMD
"Lindy's Party" - The Bolshoi
"It's No Reason" - The Church
"The Seventh Stranger" - Duran Duran
"Love is (what I say)" - INXS
"La Ment" - The Cure
...I could just keep going, but that's enough for now. Part 2 - the college years forthcoming.


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