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16 October '99 - One morning this past week, I found myself sitting in my car in the middle of nowhere, waiting for the construction guy to let cars pass. I had chosen to take a roundabout way to work, and it led me through the middle of a redwood forest. I used to live in the forest, down in Santa Cruz, and I miss the trees. Anyway, I was peacefully waiting my turn, looking at the stunning nature that surrounded me on this 2 lane road in the middle of the coastal mountains. People around me were getting all stressed out, yelling at the guy, stuff like that (we waited for like 10 minutes or something). I can't tell you how happy I was to not be that stressed out person, and instead just be sitting there in my car, appreciating the view. At some moment in this wait, this thought came to me:

Faith is the thread that binds our beliefs into a comforter that shelters and protects us.

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18 Jan '98 - My goal for January has been to go to the movies every weekend. Since I'm not seeing anyone, I go by myself, which was kind of weird the first time, but now it's great. I get both armrests, and I don't have to share my popcorn or soda. Plus, you can get much more into the film without distractions. I've seen "As Good As It Gets", "Good Will Hunting", and "Titanic". All three are good, but story-wise, I think Good Will Hunting was the easily the best of the lot. Next weekend: It's a toss-up, it's either going to be Kundun or The Boxer. Suggestions? email me.


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