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"Man has no nobler function than to defend the truth." - Ruth McKenney

but who knows whether or not the truth you're defending is *the* truth, or just someone's else's version of the truth that you got suckered you into believing? does it matter?

does that mean that attorneys are the most noble of all of us?


I bet Ruth McKenney was an attorney...
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the cool thing about all the polls is that i don't have to actually write a journal entry :)

It really bugs me that it people don't seem to be created to communicate very effectively. I swear, our pigheadedness will ultimately destroy our race. It's amazing we've gotten as far as we have. Can you imagine some neanderthals standing around arguing about the tone or context of their conversations? Only if they wanted to be saber-toothed tiger bait. (probably why most men are such good conversationalists)

I don't know if neaderthals and saber-toothed tigers is a reasonable scenario with regard to prehistoric chronology; but please, withold commenting on it - let me live in my Fred Flintstone fantasy land ;)
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25 March '00 - One of the things I've finally started to realize is that when people say they are a certain way, chances are really good that they probably are that way. I spent a long time thinking that, for example, when a guy said they were not to be trusted, it *really* meant they _were_ to be trusted. They just said that to try to trick me or something (which is a pretty twisted thought process on my part) Needless to say, that theory got me into a lot of undesirable situations, and I probably should have listened to those people in the first place. Now, I appreciate the candor, and I don't let myself twist it all around into something it's not. I'm glad to know that all parties are being up front, you know? I can respect that. At least I know who I'm dealing with, and if someone says they are a jerk, I'm no longer surprised if they do jerky things. You're superficial, and a bit of a jerk? Ok, that's fine; I'm glad you told me. Now, let's go walk around and find some coffee and get to know each other a little better...
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16 October '99 - One morning this past week, I found myself sitting in my car in the middle of nowhere, waiting for the construction guy to let cars pass. I had chosen to take a roundabout way to work, and it led me through the middle of a redwood forest. I used to live in the forest, down in Santa Cruz, and I miss the trees. Anyway, I was peacefully waiting my turn, looking at the stunning nature that surrounded me on this 2 lane road in the middle of the coastal mountains. People around me were getting all stressed out, yelling at the guy, stuff like that (we waited for like 10 minutes or something). I can't tell you how happy I was to not be that stressed out person, and instead just be sitting there in my car, appreciating the view. At some moment in this wait, this thought came to me:

Faith is the thread that binds our beliefs into a comforter that shelters and protects us.

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5 March '99 - There's this guy at work that drives me up a wall. He annoys the hell out of everyone who has to work with him. Being the popculture gal I am, I wanted to find the perfect cartoon character to describe this guy to others. First I thought of Chumley, from Tennessee Tuxedo, for the idiot factor. But then I realized that I really liked Chumley, and he wasn't that stupid anyway. So, who was this guy, really? Characteristics needed to be: annoying, stupid, and completely useless. Suddenly, I realized exactly who he reminded me of.......the most worthless and hated cartoon character of my generation.....Scrappy Doo! I work with Scrappy Doo. How pathetic is that?
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11 September '98 - Well, I don't know about you, but I really don't want to know all the gory details about our President's sex life. I didn't hire Starr, and I'm insulted that some person has been appointed (whom I don't recall voting for) to basically try to unseat the President. It's disgusting. If you want to know what's really behind all this insanity, (and I like to think I'm a fairly reasonable person), start reading about this guy: Richard Scaife. This an article from the Columbia Journalism Review from 1981, and it's a good starting point to begin to understand why this country is falling apart. I could write a whole heck of a lot more on this topic, but I was taught to not discuss politics or religion if you want to keep your friends. Just a couple more quick thoughts. 1) Knowledge really is power. 2) Throughout time, there have been people who have been very effective in people engineering; that is, manipulating popular opinion to suit their own megalomania. I think it's a good time to start reading, friends....


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