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Well, well...it appears I might actually have captured the muchly elusive time window in which I actually have the time, inclination, and space to "Post an Entry".

Am I the last livejournaler to still post music info to the field manually? Will someone please tell me how they're getting the automation to work?

The Outside Lands Festival is going on this weekend; I figure we'll just go wander around nearby if we want to hear the shows. Heck, if we're inspired, maybe we'll actually go on Saturday to see Tom Petty -- we've talked about trying to see him some day. I don't know, I'm feeling parsimonious lately, and not sure I want to spend eighty-five bucks for a one day pass. This is when I go into my grandma voice and say, "Do you know how much I paid for the first Lollapallooza? TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS! "

I spent twenty-five bucks and saw Henry Rollins, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Nine Inch Nails, and Jane's Addiction, as well as Violent Femmes, Butthole Surfers, and Body Count (Goddamn, what a brother gotta do to get a message through to the red, white and you!). All for twenty-five bucks. I don't know, maybe we should at least go for one day, but geez, that's like 200 bucks for a one-day show for K & me and that just sounds over the top.

Twenty-five bucks. I also met Ice-T, who was wandering around w/bodyguard out on the lawn later in the afternoon. He complimented my hair, which at the time was one half shaved off and the hair on the other half dyed black. Good times. Heh. I don't think there are any photos of that era; that was when I was living in Columbus.

Anyway, I digress.

I owe [livejournal.com profile] blixt a package that I've finally boxed up and addressed tonight, so that should be hitting the old snail mail highway tomorrow - w00t! Sorry it too me so long, lady!

Between the Last.fm site redesign (about which I shall be waxing rhapsodically soon -- check out my profile page!) and my new toy (rhymes with HiCone) which has that lovely screen and lots of storage, I'm spending a lot of time wandering around in my digital music library. Good times.

Hopefully, I'll find more opportunities to post as things start to settle down in real-life land.
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Our weekend just got full as of yesterday. I picked up my new glasses last night, and also got a massage because there were ropes and rocks in the places where my muscles should have been. I feel better, but it was kinda weird, because I felt like the massage person was trying to pick up on me. I could just be imagining it, but either way, I think I'm going to go somewhere else next time. The last thing one needs while lying naked on a massage table is to feel uncomfortable or threatened somehow. I almost said something; but didn't. I wish there was a way that I could just be definitive sometimes instead of chewing on things mentally.

My glasses are really cool; they have sunglasses clip-ons, but they are actually attached via magnets so you can't really tell they're clips. It's a totally different look, my old glasses were dark tortoise shell frames, these are silver wire frames, so my face isn't so covered up. It's a nice change.

I got a call from my friend S. in Seattle; he's coming down to SF this weekend and wanted to know if we would be able to do something with him. We've got some mutual friends who are playing a gig at the Fillmore on Saturday - I was being non-committal about going to see them play, but now I think we're going. I'm excited, actually. I haven't been to see friends play in ages. I've got some other friends coming out here in March that I need to get a hold of.

So, Saturday will be hanging out with Seattle friends. Sunday is a birthday dinner and pub crawl for our friend B., who we haven't seen since the wedding. We've been really in hibernation mode as of late, but now I'm really starting to want to get out more. We've actally been really lazy bastards in terms of socializing, but like I said, it's starting to change.

All right, now that it's after 9, I feel like I should get rolling on finishing up this contract...lala
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Man, it's so good to have the day off :)

We're just chilling, K and I. The olympics are on, we watched some hockey together. I got up early and did all the junk I needed to do, laundry, dishes, mended a shirt of K's, gave the cat his flea medicine, stuff like that. I felt really married; it was cool....now, he's playing some yahoo!game (which is awesome, check it out sometime) and I just finished a letter of recommendation for a friend. I think I'll get on the yahoo!game and play something with him, or maybe we'll just play diablo for a little bit, haha....
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i'm exhausted. last day at job, starting a new job on tuesday.

wedding stuff, wedding stuff, wedding stuff.

non-stop. every day, more wedding stuff.

Oh, and incidentally, I don't understand why we can't just stick Bin Laden and all his friends up in that nice new space station we're building. Make an oubliette, if you will. If he can't play nice with other people, then he needs a time out. Make a little room and put some of those gerbil feeding things with food and water, and just let them all sit up there until they learn how to be civilized. If they don't, that's fine too.
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17 November '99

The creamy golden sky with
roses and violets and denim blue clouds
Awash in sunlit strokes of dawn-

A birthday gift;
God keeping the Golden Promise.

And as I watch the perfect birds
fly on the perfect morning sky
I think of Jeff, laughing
at all the ridiculous beauty

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24 June '99 - Here's a little something I wrote a while back:

Take me to the place where faeries sleep and angels dream;
Where the mists of night and the dews of dawn
 paint the land in watery pastels;
Where ancient Gods slumber - nearly forgotten,
 stirring occasionally to listen for the old songs
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31 May '98 - Ok. Wondering where the hell I've been? Well, just like the X files, the truth is out there. Now, I'll condense it so it's in here, in a pretty little paragraph or two. Anyway, talk about whirlwind...here's the scoop.

Scott - He's the CEO of the company that bought out 2 divisions of the company I had been working for. On Thursday afternoon, I found out that Friday would be the last day I would work at the company I had been working at for over 2 years. Monday, myself and 23 other fine UniCitizens would report to Campbell, CA (about 20 miles away) for work at our "new" company. But it's really the same stuff I was doing before, I'm still in charge of my 2 favorite sites (I can say that now), but I don't have any support staff (yet). I'll get to build a team to work with me to make sites. So, it's going to be really cool. I'm looking forward to it. The only bit that can be viewed as a negative (other than not seeing all my work friends on a daily basis, which is pretty sucko) is that the 20 miles is a commute "over the hill" via the dreaded Highway 17. It's renowned around here as a bearish commute. (I'll be adding a link shortly so y'all can see this drive - check out my links page)..and, as you faithful readers know, I don't have a car, so it makes for an interesting situation. They have a shuttle for the next few months, so that's cool.

Dave- went to see Dave Matthews Band at Shoreline 2 Sundays ago. Great show; I'll be looking for the tape, e-mail me if you are doing a tree. This would have been its own musing any other time, but, given the volume of news, Dave and company just get a brief mention. Rest assured, it was a fabulous show. Go see them if you can.

Bucky - this is the guy that sold me my new car! Well, new to me. That's right, I got a car. It's a '95 Toyota Corolla. I just got it yesterday; and have been just running errands for the past 36 hours. Why? Because I can! No more bus for me. Yay! This is the first time I've had a car in 3 years. With the severance package they gave us when we left the old company (see above), I was able to finally put down a downpayment, so now I'm heathercarwoman.

And that, in a very large nutshell, is what's been going on in my life for the past 14 days. Nothing much... ;D


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